Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The multicolor green girl: designer Carolina Wallin

Update! Read the Seattle Met article about Carolina and her studio in the May 2014 Behind the Scenes section.

Designer Carolina Wallin
Designer Carolina Wallin
I saw Carolina Wallin from halfway down the block, and she was a beacon of softened DayGlo, unassuming and Junoesque. “I love your colors!” I said as she passed, and she laughed and removed her stereo earbuds to say hello.

She immediately introduced herself, and we had a friendly chat right there. Carolina’s a designer from Sweden, and her line, The Green Girl, is a collection of jewelry, accessories, and clothes distinguished by clever meshing of geometrics, and unexpected color combinations. She was on her way to buy some plants for her studio, where Seattle Met magazine is doing a photo shoot of her designs this Friday. She and her husband just moved to Capitol Hill ten days ago, so she has been busy unpacking and preparing for the studio visit.

We talked materials—she designed her choker, comprising precision-cut craft foam—and gold vs. silver. I used to wear more silver, but have become more fond of gold over time. Maybe because of my wedding ring, which is a simple gold band. Carolina’s gold wedding ring is of her own design, and incorporates her grandmother’s ring.

She also designed her handbag, a mix of materials and hand embroidery on a gold chain. Gold and orange is a great combination, and the metal works so well with her blouse.
Carolina Wallin handbag
A handbag of Carolina's design

Carolina and her husband have lived in Seattle since this last January, and prior to that she designed for H&M after studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

I simply was struck by her bearing, color sense, and unique style. I’m sure she’s finding an enthusiastic audience for her designs in Seattle.

Stay abreast of Carolina’s work at, and follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

And don't forget to watch for Seattle Met’s story about Carolina, which will soon be online in their Fashion and Shopping section.

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